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Eyegasm Erotic Art

April 5th, at the Ramada Conference Center off Eubank and I40. This show will actually be INSIDE a kink and fetish convention, for a ready made audience.  Artists do not have to attend or help with the show, just provide the work as described in the rules below.  

Eyegasm 2014

Fees: This time it's free!  There will be a 15% commission on sales, so price accordingly.  Please only submit five pieces, as the space is limited.

What to enter: Originals or prints. (Only one copy of a print) Although any medium is acceptable, please check with us before sending anything that sheds or requires special handling or display.  You can include an 8 1/2 x 11 poster about yourself, and some business cards. All entries must be for sale.  Digital media should show the artist's creativity more than the programmer's.

How to present it: Works on paper should be matted and have a firm backing. If there is no wire or hanging device on the back, we will use a clip, which will dent the mat. Shrink wrapping or acetate covers are strongly recommended. Work on firm backings such as stretched canvas or masonite must have a wire or hanging device.  Frames are not required.  You may provide pedestals for sculptures, provided they can be easily moved by one person.  We have a table for small items or jewelry, but no locking cases.   You may provide cases or display.

Content: While this is an omnisexual spiritual/erotic show, we still have to put a few stops in, so we don't have trouble with angry villagers bearing torches and warrants.

No images of children are allowed. Childlike mystical beings will be considered on an individual basis. Sex with animals is not allowed.  Mystical beings that look like animals will be considered on an individual basis.

Violent images are allowed, but please keep in mind that we want to seduce people, not disgust them. We reserve the right to refuse anything that freaks out the art director. This has never happened in the history of the Eyegasm Erotic Art Show.

Special notice for photographers! Be prepared to show proof of age for all your models, even if they are clothed. This applies to any work with photography as part of the process. No underage models can be used.  Also, specific to photography, animals can be in the image, but cannot be shown having intercourse with people. 

How to Enter: Fill out two copies of the control sheet, one for us, and one for your records.   Fill out a title/price tag for each piece, and attach it firmly so that it is visible from the front.   Bring tagged work and the completed form to Unseen Gallery by Thursday, April 3rd. We will NOT be able to accept work on the day of the show.  Pick up work at Unseen Gallery from Tuesday April 8th, through Tuesday, May 6th. Artwork left beyond that date will be considered a donation. Call (505) 232-2161, or e-mail kinky@kinkyspot.com with any questions.

Mail in entries: You can ship your entries, tagged, and with a filled out control sheet, to

Unseen Gallery

3107 Eubank Blvd NE, #31

Albuquerque, NM 87111

Use re-usable packing materials, and include a check for return shipping.  (if all your work sells, we will not cash the check) Your package must arrive before April 8th. It's also a good idea to send us an e-mail so we can look out for your package, and let you know if it does not arrive.

How you get paid: You will be able to pick up a check for any sold work when you pick up your work.

Other details: The show will be monitored at all times by Eyegasm staff, and we will take the best possible care of your work.  However, entries are at the artist's own risk.

Control Sheet